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Script Supervisors! (2,100+ members)
“We as Script Supervisors, don’t work together and for the most part, only know each other through word of mouth. Here’s a place we can share information, techniques and throw each other job leads!”

Non-union Script Supervisors (1,000+ members)
“This group is for emerging and aspiring script supervisors, production people who hire and work with script supervisors, and experienced script supes who are willing to share their knowledge. This page welcomes Script Supervisor job listings and opportunities from all types of productions.”

Digital Script Supervisor (1,300+ members)
“This is a discussion page for the users of ScriptE Script Supervision software. This is a positive collaborative exchange for ScriptE Users and those thinking of becoming ScriptE Users. Mac, Windows and iPad platforms of ScriptE are what this site is about. Please keep it helpful and positive. Send any detailed techsupport questions to techsupport@scriptesystems.com . This site is open to all those that are currently using ScriptE in the field or are in the process of becoming a ScriptE Pro in film, television, advertising and industrial video. Share, Learn, Enjoy!”